If you’re in need of a celebrity to follow on Instagram then why not choose Jared Leto? The Oscar winning actor who also happens to be a rock star has been entertaining us with his snaps for a while now, but they just keep on getting better. Jared appears to be a bit of an Instagram addict and he often uploads multiple snaps a day. While there was just too many to choose form, here’s ten of our recent favourites that got us laughing, swooning or just scratching our heads.

What better place to star then at this year’s Oscars where Jared walked away with the best supporting actor award. Jared had a fun filled night with brother Shannon and mother Constance. Our favourite pic? Jared and his Dallas Buyers Club co-star Matthew McConaughey in their matching white tuxedos holding their matching Oscars, what an award winning pair.

This one came with the caption, "Follow me on Instagram? It'll be fun. I promise." All right Jared, if you insist.

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With his long locks and beard some have compared Jared’s look to that of Jesus himself. Looking at this comparison pic we can sort of see why. Jared captioned this one “Fashion may go out of style but style never goes out of fashion,” but was careful not to offended by adding the hashtag NotComparingToChrist and an xo.

 Jared nearly broke our hearts and Instagram when he posted this black and white shot captioned “short hair, don’t care.” Could it be that the famous Leto locks where gone? Nope, turns out it was actually a throwback pic that he posted just to get us all worried. Thanks Jared.

How many Jared Letos can you handle? We’re hoping Jared didn't create this weird face collage himself, but he did find it good enough to share with all of us.

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Jared and Jesus part two! This time Jared found the one person who might take more style tips from Jesus than he does. We know we’re mean to be focusing on the similarities here, but we’ve got to ask what's up with that purple track top?

Speaking of questionable outfits, Jared took it to a whole new level last month when he posted a pic of this “weird but comfy” ensemble. A Hawaiian shirt teamed with thai boxing shorts, space print tights and a scarf, maybe it was just laundry day but we think this has the potential to be 2014’s biggest summer fashion trend.

Unsurprisingly this one caught our eye, but only because we too support zebra print trousers and vegan leather cuffs, promise.

Bananaphone! Here Jared poses with pal Russian musician Zedd as they hold a banana each and two oranges. Who knows what else they came up with before settling on bananaphone, but from the looks of those banana’s it must have taken a while.

Seriously who is it that’s sending Jared all these freaky edits? In this one the actor appears to have got lost in a Missoni print, no wonder he’s so open mouthed.

If you need a daily does of Jared follow him on Instagram at JaredLeto. It'll be fun, we promise!

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