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Micheal Moore - What a loser. Mr Moore knows ZERO about health care. He knows ZERO about anything other than Movies - WHICH HE DOES FOR A LIVING ! DUH ! His comments on Heath care are directed straight to our government AND Mr Bush ! Did like the story on Hillery ! It's true. Mr Moore jut doesnt get it and WHAT qualifies him ANYWAY as the spokesperson for society ? You and Me !!The problem with Health Care lies in the OUTRAGEOUS CHARGES the Health Care industry CHARGES for anything from Bandaids to Surgery ! That in turn, comes from the OUTRAGEOUS insurance Premiums paid for Malpractice, WHICH in turn comes from these Frivilous Freaking Lawsuits by people that dont have jack sh*& and want to suck blood from something !Heathcare is NOT a right in the U.S. it is a privalage. Bottom line is the PRICE of Heath Care has gotten SO high, it's almost impossible for companies to afford for their employees. Blame the Tort System NOT your Government ! IF we extended FREE haelth care ? - THEN, those SAME FREAKIN, NON_WORKING, SYSTEM SUCKING people would abuse it as well ! That's why they want it !!! ANOTHER opportunity to suck the system dry ! AND you and I have to pay for it !!! WAKE UP ! Legislation is the ONLY thing we can use to fight the high cost ! Against Insurance companies ! Against Ambulance Chasing Lawyers, GET IT !AND PLEASE, STOP RELYING IN THE GOVERNMENT ( mE AND EVERYONE ELSE !) FOR ALL OF YOUR NEEDS AND GET A FREAKING JOB !!!

Posted 12 years 11 months ago by cheetah

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