Not even a restraining order can stop Jeff Goldblum’s stalker from trying to get to see him, but maybe a prison sentence will. That’s the fate that now awaits Linda Ransom after she was arrested on Saturday night (November 3, 2012) for violating a three year restraining order that The Fly actor Goldblum had taken out on her earlier this year.

The whole thing spun out of control this summer, when Ransom was told to stay away from Goldblum for three years after she’d gotten into his property and also backstage to one of his events. In turn, Ransom had claimed she was only on the actor’s property because one of his employees had allegedly attacked her. It wasn’t a view that was widely shared in the court room though, and so she’s had to keep her distance.

She hasn’t though, and in Los Angeles at the weekend she was spotted just 20 yards away from the actor. Oh dear. This is some 80 yards inside the 100 yard limit that had been imposed on her in June. Ransom was spotted by security at Ahmanson Theater where Goldblum was holding a seminar, the Los Angeles Country Sherriff's Department confirmed to E! News. Ransom was arrested and booked at East Los Angeles Sheriff's Station where she is being held in lieu of $20,000 bail. She first met Goldblum while attending one of his acting classes 11 years ago.