Jennifer Aniston got to co-host The Ellen Degeneres Show this week and gave us all a mini Friends reunion in the process. In the slightly awkward, slightly confusing bit, Aniston was nervous about the gig and she naturally went to her former co-star Matthew Perry for some sage advice. Except Perry wasn’t exactly thrilled to see her at the door, at 8AM no less. And when Aniston objected that they “used to do walk into each other’s apartments all the time”, Perry made a valid point (which went straight to the hearts of Friends fans).

Jennifer Anniston. Yogalosophy Release Party
Anniston was apparently the brains behind the reunion.

"That was a TV show," he counters. "We haven't actually seen each other in a really long time. Like eight years."

Nevertheless, he’d been keeping in touch with another co-star, Courteney Cox, who comes out of Perry’s house and immediately amps up the drama by asking: “You’re sleeping with her too?”

Matthew Perry, Beverly Hilton Hotel
Perry wasn't thrilled to see his former co-star.

Of course, mistaking Aniston for fellow co-star Lisa Kudrow doesn’t help the situation at all. But when Ellen herself and wife Portia De Rossi try to sneak out of the house unnoticed, that’s when things really get confusing. Clearly, this wasn’t the Friends reunion everyone was hoping for earlier this year. But since those dreams were dashed by Warner Bros., any opportunity to see the actors (or some of them, at least) together again on screen is welcome. If you feel that way too, you can check out the sketch below.