Jennifer Lawrence thinks the Oscars will be ''incredible'' - because she'll have wine.

The 22-year-old star - who received a nomination two years ago for her role in 'Winter's Bone' - is up for the Best Actress accolade and while she is looking forward to partying hard at the annual event, she still has some reservations.

She told more! magazine: ''I'm confused, happy and really excited to be nominated.

''I'll be able to drink this time. I was only 20 last time. So hopefully I'll be more comfortable. Or at least drunk. I keep thinking about sitting at the table with David [O'Russell, director] and Bradley [Cooper, co-star] - and wine - and I just think it will be an incredible feeling.''

And the actress admitted she hates walking the red carpet and says dressing up for formal events makes her feel ''miserable'' because she struggles with high-heeled shoes.

She added: ''Trust me, the red carpet is not fun. I'm really bad at walking in heels and I don't like people shouting at me - and that's pretty much all it is.

''It is nice to have a pretty dress but as soon as I start walking I'm miserable. When I'm in high heels I feel like an ogre.''