If you haven’t had enough of Jennifer Lawrence yet (don’t even try to deny it, we’re just as obsessed as you), this will be good news to you – fresh off her Golden Globe victory, complete with a little bit of controversy, the Silver Linings Playbook actress will be hosting SNL tonight!

That’s right, we’ll all be able to watch Lawrence, arguably the year’s most touted actress, in all of her slightly awkward, foot-in-mouth glory (in a good way). The evening will also feature The Lumineers as the traditional musical guest. The promo for the show features Jennifer and Jason Sudeikis, parodying a couple of the actress’s big hits this year. Along with Jennifer being “awarded” the hosting spot and subsequently being played off before finishing her acceptance speech, the promo also features Jason Sudeikis in Bradley Cooper’s now infamous garbage bag getup from Silver Linings ("Trying to drop some of this winter weight .. B. Coop-style!"), and, of course, a reference to The Hunger Games, which sees Lawrence shooting a bow and arrow – straight into Bobby Moynihan. It’s funny, if not the most clever sketch and, in our humble opinion, it should certainly prompt you to watch SNL tonight. Watch the promo for the show below.