It's common knowledge how difficult it is to lose your baby weight after giving birth, but Jessica Simpson has managed to lost 60lbs in 6 months! 

Jessica Simpson, singer, reality star and fashion designer, gave birth to Maxwell Drew Johnson on May 1st of this year and has since publicly battled with her weight. She truly did pile on the weight while pregnant, feeding her baby everything she craved, and reportedly in total she put on 70lbs. Despite having already lost 60lbs she still has her original weight in sight. 

She stepped out on the red carpet this week, showing off her new, toned body, surprising everyone by how far she's come. But how has she done it? Firstly, she's an spokesperson for Weight Watchers and has reportedly been truly faithful to the scheme, according to the Examiner. Plus, she's had a lot of help and support from her personal trainer- who has also been the PT to Megan Fox- Harley Pasternak. "In over 20 years, I've never seen as consistent a weight loss," He said. "Jessica's right where she needs to be . . . She's gotten so much stronger." 

Simpson is currently engaged to the father of Maxwell, Eric Johnson a former 49-ers tight end.