As with all Jj Abrams films, Star Trek Into Darkenss has been hugely shrouded in mystery, with cast and crew giving very little away as to what fans can expect from the forthcoming film. However, with the movie now out today in the UK, some of the actors have been revealing just how about the director goes about keeping things private and how they’ve found it being privy to such a well-guarded project.

Zachary Quinto
Zachary Quinto spoke Star Trek to the Beeb

In a series of interviews with the BBC, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Zachary Quinto, Alice Love and Simon Pegg spoke about trying to keep a hold of as much of the film as possible before it goes out to the public. “I have a hard time going to the movies and watching a movie when I’ve seen its trailer and the trailer has the best moments in it,” said Saldana as to why Into Darkness trailers have been so vague, while Urban pointed out that secrecy was paramount on an Abrams film, commenting “There’s a reason for it. We want audience members to go in there and experience everything for the first time and to not know too much about it.” Quinto added “The secrecy I think is routed in JJ’s respect for and value of the integrity of story-telling and preserving the mystery to actually be able to offer it to an audience rather than have them hear about it or have all the secrets spoiled.”

On how Abrams went about keeping things tight-knit, Urban commented “He’d be giving us scripts that are in red, with our name on it so they can’t be photocopied and then at the end of the film we had to give them back,” British actor Love meanwhile said “When you get new pages there’s a man that comes who look like a security guard that comes and take them off you and it’s a very serious business.” Will all the safeguarding be worth it? Everyone’s about to find out.

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