What can get a bibliophile more excited than a pretty book cover? A brand new pretty book cover, especially when it belongs to a reprint of the Harry Potter series. After the original editions, the deluxe editions, the adult cover editions, the American covers and countless versions of cool HP artwork on international covers, Bloomsbury are revamping the series with an all new collection of dust jackets, designed by award winning artist Jonny Duddle. Unlike both the original children’s covers and the American covers, the new collection maintains Harry’s look throughout the series.

Harry Potter covers
Rowling played an active role in selecting the artist for the new, "child-friendly" covers.

Duddle, whose picture book The Pirates Next Door won the Waterstones Children’s Prize and was shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize, was handpicked by both Bloomsbury and J. K. Rowling.

The artist said: “I’m hugely excited to work my way through the wonderful books. I couldn’t have asked for more enjoyable subject matter.

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Harry Potter coversThe covers for the Prisoner of Azkaban [L] and Goblet of Fire [R]

It’s not just the covers that are getting a makeover. According to The Independent, the new series will be a “child-friendly reading experience”, which is hinted at by Harry’s childlike appearance on all seven covers (despite the fact that the character is 17 during most of the events of the final book.) The new editions will also include nods to the extra chapters posted on Pottermore. Digital editions will also be available on Rowling’s own Pottermore webstore. The author holds all the rights to digital sales. Readers unfamiliar with the series should know that the new covers contain major spoilers for events in the books.

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Harry Potter new coversHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix [L] and the Half Blood Prince [R]

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