John Cena's divorce from Elizabeth Huberdeau looked as though it was going to be as rough 'n' tumble as one of his wrestling matches, with Huberdeau claiming that Cena had filed for divorce out of the blue and totally blindsided her (sound familiar, Tom Cruise?) However, Tmz reported yesterday (July 18, 2012) that in actual fact, the couple have settled their differences and "agreed to bury the hatchet."
In May, Cena filed for divorce from Elizabeth, after just three years of marriage, in a move that shocked wrestling fans. and it shocked his wife, too. What followed was not pretty. Huberdeau challenged their prenuptial agreement and also claimed that Cena had been unfaithful and was seeing other women behind her back. Her attorney told Tmz though, that the couple have now managed to work things out relatively amicably and have agreed to settle their differences, rather than playing the drama out in public. "All matters [in the divorce] have been settled and resolved amicably," said Raymond Rafool. The terms of the divorce have remained confidential, so there are no clues as to whether or not the pre-nup was successfully challenged. And there's been no word from Cena or any of his people.
Perhaps John and Elizabeth were inspired by the haste with which Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes settled their own divorce. Like Elizabeth, Tom Cruise was said to have been 'blindsided' by Katie's decision to file for divorce, just days before his 50th birthday.