US audiences will finally be able to clap eyes on the gritty British flick, Dom Hemingway, which stars Jude Law. The Richard Shepard-directed film sees the Alfie actor out of his comfort zone in this darkly funny crime drama, which hit cinemas in the UK last year. The usually smartly groomed and well-spoken English actor adopts an aggressive Cockney accent and a threatening swagger to play the titular hedonist and safe-cracker.

Jude Law Richard E Grant Dom Hemingway
Jude Law & Richard E. Grant Embrace Their Inner Tough Guys In 'Dom Hemingway.'

The film begins with Hemingway released after serving 12 years in prison and looking to get what is owed to him for over a decade of silence. He reteams with his former partner Dickie, played by Richard E. Grant, who has agreed to assist him in tracking down the money owed to him by his former boss Mr. Fontaine (Demian Bicher). Fontaine offers Dom a paltry sum in return for his silence, which is quickly drained after just one booze-fuelled bender.

Dom is keen to rebuild his relationship with his daughter, who is now a parent herself, after a 12 year absence. However, the road to a fresh start is peppered with sex, drugs, drink, and debauchery meaning Dom's efforts to redeem himself are being constantly thwarted by life's many pleasures.

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Speaking at last year's Toronto International Film Festival, Law spoke about his latest role and compared him to Shakespeare's Sir John Falstaff: "He's got the most extraordinary, poetic and yet vulgar way of expressing himself. He loves the sound of his own voice; he does have an almost Falstaffian power with words," he said.

"I like that idea that he was a man who had completely gone to seed and really let himself go spiritually, physically and mentally, but didn't quite realise it himself," Law added. He revealed that the unhealthy lifestyle he adopted to play the character eventually took its toll. "By the time we got to the end of it, I was desperate for a glass of water and a piece of lettuce as opposed to a burger and a can of fizzy drink and twenty Malboro," the actor confessed.

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Darkly funny and deeply depraved, Dom Hemingway tests Jude Law's acting ability to the limits alongside Grant and Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke in this wild and unapologetic ride into London's criminal underbelly.

Dom Hemingway will be released this week in the USA.

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