Justin Bieber is "relieved" after prosecutors in Canada dropped an assault charge against him on Monday (08Sep14).

The troubled pop star was accused of attacking a limousine driver in Toronto last year (13), but officials withdraw the charge against the 20-year-old star during a hearing at a court in the city.

Officials insist they could not prove "beyond a reasonable doubt" Bieber was the offender because there were several other passengers in the car at the time of the incident.

Prosecutor David Mitchell told the court they had decided not to proceed with the case as there is "no reasonable prospect of conviction," adding, "There were a number of people in the vehicle seated behind the driver at the time of the incident, and the (prosecution) is not in a position to establish the identification of the person who came into contact with the complainant beyond a reasonable doubt based on the evidence available."

Bieber's lawyer Brian Greenspan told reporters outside the court, "(Bieber) was obviously relieved... (and feels ready to) get on with his busy career with one less diversion... This is an example of the system working as it should. Police laid the charge after a complaint was made and the (prosecution) did its job by reviewing all the evidence before reaching the correct decision."

The news comes as a boost to Bieber following a string of recent convictions for his bad boy behaviour. He was convicted of vandalism in July (14) for pelting a neighbour's house with eggs, and he also pleaded guilty to misdemeanour charges of careless driving and resisting arrest last month (Aug14) stemming from an arrest in Miami Beach, Florida earlier in the year (14).