Are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez together again? …Is a question most of us could do without hearing ever again. Unfortunately for the world, between releasing an album that barely registered on the charts and having his second biopic Believe flop at the box office, the Biebs has found some time to post an Instagram photo of himself with his former ladylove, adding fuel to the dating rumors that were supposed to be long extinguished. But this has nothing to do with raising some publicity, of course. Nothing at all.

Justin Bieber, Believe World Premiere
It's hard to keep track of these two's relationship anymore.

"Love the way you look at me," he captioned the pic, in which Gomez has her arms wrapped around him and is giving him what People defines as a “wistful” look, while Bieber himself looks into the camera. The photo feels a lot like déjà vu, especially after the pair were seen getting familiar again two days ago. Justin and Selena were reportedly caught riding around Bieber’s Calabasas neighborhood on Segways, quickly fueling speculation that the duo were back together.

Selena Gomez, KISS 108 Jingle Ball
Now that Selena is off tour, maybe there's finally some time to rekindle the old flame?

If this feels familiar, it’s because the two did a similar 180 last year, when they got together around New Year’s, after having broken up in 2012. Then 2013 was spent with the occasional Jelena sighting, while Gomez traveled on her Stars Dance tour and Justin went about his various, occasionally less-than-legal activities.

Selena celebrated New Year's with a girls' night in... but what about the days after?