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What an incredible dumba$$!

Posted 8 years 2 weeks ago by Sharon Elam Smith

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Kanye is dope, but he lost his grounding, I work with one of his longtime friends/writer (Jesus Walks), Rhymefest (El Che), did some production for him too, check out Djbooth.net. But his music is playing a role in a bigger picture right now, it's not just mean't to be a melodic counter-part of our already evolving musical prowess. In respect it's a business card to his, "montra", as an entity, the ears he's able to reach will take notice to his antics. In other news check out some of the music myself and Rhymefest put together search: No Fans Just Critics on datpiff.com

Posted 8 years 7 months ago by LemarFrench

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Posted 8 years 9 months ago by Kenn Worldco

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I wonder what Kanye has recorded with Daft Punk? Can't wait to here it!

Posted 9 years 5 months ago by Lee Adams

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For the good man JAY-Z. what you did with respect to the copy right to think I was brilliant, but it seems everyone's god no. Universe creator, and of course he is right if you think you one more time on you will agree with him, what I have done with regard to all the songs where others who have received money is what it is. I've made most of the songs a while I've been asleep and heard the radio I do often reach with respect to the second, it will not be the next love to ask her gifts to bake, you might say to those who died I do not know anything about yet, and the reason I've got the gift from god to make music is to spread love next to the worlds population, and that we had going in was the opposite. But that being said I go all out from the artist who has played playbacks will be willing to help us in every way now when we show ourselves as gentlemen, And you think about all the money lost it please not be sorry you get something in return which is a thousand times better, Remember What Goes Around Comes Around. And just the last comment, there is a Danish expression which reads: A greedy one has never been difficult to seduce. And it's not going to happen to you, things I will work for you so now it is our copyrights when I lie and sleep, and remember I'm only 37 years old, so there will smoke a total amount of money in piggy banks, ps came to Copenhagen as soon as possible I will be glad to see you and B. And we may have made a contract how long it should be, you find out.best wishes from your nephew Jacob

Posted 12 years 6 days ago by skipper1973

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I appreciate all that Kanye has acomplished and overcome with his talent and ambition. Is he aware that he is now being portrayed as a hired thug "I'd pay Kanye West to punch Justin Bieber " by a lil white rhymer named "Spose" . I cannot imagine Kanye can approve of such a derogatory comment, with this kid trying to make money using Kanye's name in such a hurtful way.

Posted 12 years 1 month ago by tatnymph66

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Is this guy the next Kanye West?Go to JustLetMeSing.com and search for contestant #420.Prince Riley sings Chris Brown in the style of Kayne West.Well maybe not.

Posted 12 years 2 months ago by jennasam400

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has any one heard a kanye song with madonna in it, ls isla bonita, it starts with madonna sing part of that song and then kanye comes in, its unreal, i just kind find it anywhere

Posted 12 years 5 months ago by black1984

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Lounge singer Richard Cheese has just released a new CD, which includes a hilarious lounge version of Kanye West's "Stronger". Check out his new "OK BARTENDER" and "VIVA LA VODKA" CDs on iTunes, and in his facebook -- just search for "Richard Cheese." America's loudest lounge singer Richard Cheese performs swingin' Vegas versions of rock, rap, and Top40 hits, "swankifying" contemporary songs into traditional pop vocal standards. Imagine Sinatra singing Def Leppard, and you've got the idea. Cheese has sold more than 175,000 CDs; his albums include Lounge Against The Machine, Tuxicity, I'd Like A Virgin, Aperitif For Destruction, The Sunny Side Of The Moon, his Christmas album Silent Nightclub, his TV Themes album Dick At Nite, his live album Viva La Vodka, and his latest album OK BARTENDER all available at shop.richardcheese.com and at iTunes. The hardest working Dick in show business has played sellout shows around the world, from New York to New Orleans, from Las Vegas to London, from Portland to Portugal, from Hollywood to Honolulu. His songs have been featured in the movie Dawn Of The Dead and he's appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, CNN with Anderson Cooper, NBC's Las Vegas, KROQ's Kevin & Bean Show, Opie & Anthony, Howard Stern, MTV's Say What Karaoke?, Fox & Friends on the Fox News Channel, Z100, and as the house band 20 times on NBC's Last Call with Carson Daly . With his snappy jazz trio, his tiger-striped tuxedo, and his enormous microphone, Richard Cheese presents the perfect mix of music, martini, and madcap. Swank that!

Posted 12 years 6 months ago by Richard Cheese

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Kanye is at it again! He interupts yet another special speech:youtube.com/watch?v=sAkFme9hQtU

Posted 13 years 1 week ago by Digitalbuddha

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yo kanye i couldn't believe it man ,all obama does to show a decent black man and you get 'sippy,sippy' and goes all n****r on us man, that's just not cool.

Posted 13 years 2 weeks ago by rude boi35

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I have spare tickets to see Kanye at the o2 arena in London next week (wednesday) if anyone is interested..Seats are good seats in the Upper tier - Block 402 row Q!Feel free to email me:[email protected]

Posted 13 years 10 months ago by forza

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I think Kanye's new song is sooooo great, I love the direction he has taken with this song!!! And even though I think this song is really great....I just heard a parody song of it!!! Which was really clever and funny!!! If you wanna hear it just hit that link below!!!!vipnetwork.kiisfm.com/boytoy/blog/2008/10/09/video_of_the_day_lunch_lockdown_premiereTalia

Posted 13 years 11 months ago by musicgirl1155

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Kanye West...super music man !Kanye West...he's got charisma, attitude and cool !Kanye West in sunglasses...now that's super cool !Johnny and friends,Kanye West fan club,Sydney, Australia

Posted 14 years 6 months ago by Kanye West...su...

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Islam is one that will bring peace, happiness and justice to the world. The barbarism that is happening in the world today under the name of 'Islamic Terrorism' is completely removed from the moral teachings of the Qur'an it is the work of ignorant, bigoted people, criminals who have nothing to do with the religion. The solution, which will applied against these individuals and groups who are trying to commit their deeds of savagery under the guise of Islam, will be the instruction the people in the true moral teaching of Islam. In other words, the religion of Islam and the moral teachings of the Qur'ran are not the supporters of terrorism, but the remedy by , which the world can be saved from the scourge of terrorism.

Posted 14 years 8 months ago by Najma

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Everything that constitues our life is totally of perceptions recieved by our souls. The things, peopel, places and events that make our world and are lives meaningful are like a dream. We percieve them only as images in are brain, and have nothing to do with their truth or reality. ( Harun Yahya ) Islam is the way the only way.

Posted 14 years 8 months ago by Najma

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When you lose somone who you love&care for you turn to hate&anger in why a loved one had to die but you see its all part of life, we all a have to go one day, if not today it may be tomorrow thats why you should look in to Islam for help and guidence you'l see that is the only way.

Posted 14 years 8 months ago by Najma

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Kanye is up and coming as one of the premeire rap and hip-hop producers in the game. Kanye... is pure talent. He knows what people want to hear and he delivers with top notch artists backing his tracks.

Posted 14 years 10 months ago by xRebelYellx

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Kanye West is the best in the game right now. So to all the haters 'HATE ON'. You heard what Kanye said what doesn't kill him only makes him stronger. To you haters i know he looks at that as an inspiration to do even better. So thank you for making him number 1. Kanye I am so sorry about the lost of your mom. Damn i know that your hurting deeply. I want you to know that you have my condolences. Just want you to keep yoyr head up and continue to strive for success. Your mom might not be there with you in body but she is always going to be there with you in spirit everywhere you go. I hope you never feel as if you are alone because u still have your fans who loves you deeply. You are a strong black brother who is blessed. If you was to ever read this i want you to remember Rokeisha said' Never let your problems get you down always keep a smile and not a frown'. From your number 1 fan-Rokeisha Caribbean Princess

Posted 14 years 10 months ago by Rokeisha

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Kanye West is a fraud. My husband made the song flashing lights while he was in Chicago. I can't believe Kanye says he's a producer, but he has to steal other people's work to put together an album. His attitude about his work is repulsive. People who toot their own horn will never last long. He'll never be a Dr. Dre or Timbaland. Those are actual producers who've been around longer than a year or two.

Posted 14 years 11 months ago by casslel10

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Wanna be in the know and hear Kanye West's upcoming album, "Graduation," before anyone else?There's only ONE way to be considered for an invitation.JOIN KANYE'S MOZES MOBILE MOB and you will receive text messages with TOP SECRET information on your cell phone.Here's the only thing we can tell you for now: OFFLINE LISTENING PARTIES WILL BE HELD IN SELECT LOCATIONS ALL OVER THE COUNTRY FOR KANYE WEST! 2 LISTENING PARTIES WILL BE ONLINE IF YOU DON'T LIVE NEARBY! Join the mob here:http://www.mozes.com/_/mob_landing?keyword=kanye

Posted 15 years 1 month ago by Kanye Mobile Fan

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Hey dog. Thort rap was crap and then Kanye. Best thing in the rap world since sliced bread. Good beat but bad message until listened to Kanye. He has some good instrumentals. Has passion and a vision. Thats something real special. Its cool also that he doesn't feel the need to swear every second word. Kanye West is real real with what he raps.He raps slow enough that you can easily understand his message. His music is by no means perfect but it has had a major impression on me. When i think good rap I think Kanye.

Posted 15 years 8 months ago by D Swingkid

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I wish talented rappers like the late, great Christopher Wallace, and others like 2Pac and Big Pun were still around so Kanye West would be stuck flipping burgers at Sonic. His music is absolute garbage and can barely be classified as "rap." Touch the Sky sounds more like Ashlee Simpson than N.W.A.

Posted 16 years 2 months ago by B.I.G.LivesOn

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I don't agree with Kanye's statement that George Bush doesn't care about black people(specifically)(referring to "can't remember screen name" first comment, it was a long heart felt comment). However, I don't like Bush, I never did, I'm counting down the months and years until we get a new president. 2 years until election year, and a month (Jan. 2009) until we get the new one. Anyway, I do believe Bush has a hatred for most people especially the poor. He doesn't care that the gas is too high for us. But I too have some similarities with Kanye, we both have either one or more gay relative, and we both were interested in art in college. At my first college, I entertained the idea to major in art, among other things.This is all for now.

Posted 16 years 5 months ago by gurlygurl20000

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Everyone stop sayin kanye is gay and all that. Kanye west is great and his music is great and everyone whos putting mean things bout him can just shut up cos your the gay ones !! KANYE WEST IS GREAT !!!!!

Posted 16 years 5 months ago by KANYE WEST FAN!...

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To the readers,First of all; Kanye, If you are reading this along with millions of your fans and the media then please listen-up. I am Darrin Wright a.k.a Osyrus. I literally can not go anywhere here in Southern California without people running up to me claiming that I am you! It all started after I cut my dread-locks. Not only do we have the same features and skin-tone but a freak accident involving a backyard swing-set when I was just 10 years old, nearly broke my jaw and coincidently, I have the exact same scar under mychin. Unfortunately, I was teased all my life about it and became self-conscious over my looks at an early age. The girls would say, "Oh, he's so cute but look at that scar on his face", The guys would have baggin sessions on me which caused a lot of fights because I would comince to talk about their mamas in order to compensate for the ridicule. It was only until when everyone heard me sing that they changed their outlook. But like you say dont worry about what other people say. Regarding your comments on Mr.Bush; Nothing could be truer, he does not care about black people in America. It was very evident after Hurricane Katrina where he stood. President Bush and the White House have the biggest egos America has ever seen. Particularly, African-Americans are very discerning of the American political climate and politians. Our sensitivity to the culture of white America has been embedded in the way we see them.In other words we can spot a devil before white America can. Point and case: Blacks were fully aware of Mr.Bush's character after he stoled the election from Al Gore but they didnt want to hear it. "Oh, he's so Hollywood! Oh, he's the son of a former President; and so on. To make matters worse, the damn country put him right back into office and now you want to cry because he started a false war that has led to the death of almost three-thousand troops or maybe its because we have the largest-trade deficit ever or maybe its because he decided to spy on people.Kanye West is the new voice for blacks in America whether we like it or not. I choose to like it. Why is everyone so scarred to challenge Bush? That's simple; President Bush has two very strong talents working for him; he is a master of revenge and he is irresistably charasmatic. Futhermore we have become so numbed and gullible by our comfortabilty as Americans that we are satisfied by what we hear no matter if it is truth or not. Mr. Bush literally does what ever he chooses and all he has to do is say words like,"Normalcy and stay the course." Wake up America we are all grown-up now! For Black America,Kanye West is our black Jesus. His comments, his actions, and music are teaching us not to be ignorant and to be assertive now more than ever. Immigrants and Mr.Bush claim they are the back bone of America.No they aint! History tells us that the Pilgrims and black slaves were. America is America because of illegal black importation not illegal mexican migration. So, Kanye and camp please contact me to get the message out to our people before it is too late. I belive that Jesse Jackson and Bill Clinton'spolitical declines were set up by Mr.Bush. Clinton loved blacks and Rev.Jesse Jackson was pretty much holding it down as a black leader. After both of those simple sexual mistakes, they both lost major influence. Kanye, you are now the voice of black America. I am your alter-ego in every way. Let us start the "Kanye West, Pro-black/Anti-ignorant tour and campaign to enlighten and awaken black Americansto our slow social decline.Darrin Wright a.k.a O'[email protected]

Posted 16 years 5 months ago by O'SYRUS

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What a dingbat. Can anyone tell me how there are som many lemmings in this counrty who subsidize this drivel making this bozo rich and strutting around like a Bible character? We're the dingbats. Or rather, whoever buys his wares. You know, with the resurgence of ballroom dancing, latin dancing, etc., these rAPPuz dayz r nUmbrd.

Posted 16 years 7 months ago by Qan-You Gess?

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i think kanye is gay anyway he got mad cause the industry say things about gays oh well they say bitchs too and hoes kanye its ok too come out the closet now anything goes. and another thing i agree with 50 cent that was an act of god and not only did black people die there whites did also and white people were homeless too as a black women i was shocked too hear you say what you said ok not many people agree with bush i understand that. but not alot of people agree with you either so thats life oh well live with it.

Posted 16 years 10 months ago by starglow

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Im getting a little sick of this retard.he prob should of stuck to laying beats, as he was at least somewhat competent at that..his latest "Goldigger" is about the lamest attempt at giving himself somekind of street credit as ive ever seen. and whats with wayans? he bump his head and actually start to think he really is ray charles? he shpuld have stuck with the sha ne ne bit. it was more convincing.

Posted 16 years 11 months ago by Sick of this Loser

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The only true racists I have observed are people like Sharpton and Kain. They need to get their heads out of the sewer and do something positive for a change.

Posted 17 years 3 weeks ago by packer

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I'm offended by your comments. It isn't about black, brown, yellow, white or green. They are our fellow Americans. Just people living their lives. You are so full of hate I feel sorry for you. Love conquers; hate destroys.

Posted 17 years 3 weeks ago by Cheri

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I think Mr. West is lucky to live in this country. He can spout his idiotic and moronic statements. If he is so worried about people living below the poverty level he should put his money where his mouth is. But to do that he would first have to take his foot out.

Posted 17 years 3 weeks ago by Stupidpeoplehater

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What about all the white people stranded on their roofs in St. Bernard Parish, southeast of New Orleans for 3 days with no boats or helicopters, while the majority of the rescue attempts were focused on New Orleans victims? New Orleans was only 80% flooded. There are cities in St. Bernard Parish which are 100% underwater.Kanye needs to shut his stupid mouth, after he apologizes to all of us. We have enough to deal with without adding fake charges of racism in an attempt to stir up division. (Could there be any other motive?)Since he's apparently leading with irrational charges of racism, he's obviously racist himself. No wonder we can't "all just get along."

Posted 17 years 3 weeks ago by Sonleigh

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Kanye West and others in the black or African Amercan community need to stop their race baiting. Having a culture of finding blame instead of taking responsibililty is a hallmark of blacks in America. It needs to stop. You need to be intellectually honest if you expect to be taken seriously. New Orleans disaster relief is first an issue for the Mayor of NO and the governor of La. The only role for the federal government in this situation is providing funding for FEMA which has been done. Stop playing the blame game and learn something about self-reliance. A founding principal of the United States. Something which has never been in style in the black community.

Posted 17 years 3 weeks ago by Nozzle

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Mr. West,You are about as bright as a box of rocks.

Posted 17 years 3 weeks ago by Cap

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Hey Kanye, you say the black people were living in poverty down in New Orleans and they were. Did anyone your butt down there doing anything to help them out before the storm? Why don't you literally help out your own people and keep your racist mouth shut. They don't need anymore rhetoric they need physical real help. Not get to it!

Posted 17 years 3 weeks ago by sparklygirl

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Mr Kanye West,I have a couple of questions for you.#1 How come you not helping in any of the Shelters? (Hell even Opra was in the shelters)#2 How come the mayor of New Orleans (who is Black) did not use the school buses to evacuate the poor during the Hurricane. I would like for you to come to the shelters and tell these fokes what you say on TV. Mr West I'm a Hispanic male working in the shelters and all you are doing is making it worse. You are not helping in anyway. I know because I'm there helping the people you claim are your people. Mr. West shame on you for what you are doing. I think I know why your not in the shelters. Your afraid of what you call your own people. You hide behind your money, and would even think of helping in any way. Once again SHAME on you.

Posted 17 years 3 weeks ago by Rigne

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To Mr. West -I'm very sad that you are making the victims of the hurricane in Louisiana a racist and a political issue. I am a white woman, I don't make much money, I clear about $24,000 a year and I work two jobs. I just took one week off without pay from both jobs to volunteer in the Astrodome to help the evacuees from New Orleans. The majority of them are black, and that's because New Orleans is primarily a black community. That said, I am proud to have met these people. The vast majority of them are so grateful for the help that the state of Texas has given them. They want to stay in Texas, find work here, and build a new life for themselves. You'd think they would want to go back to Louisiana wouldn't you? But they don't. They all know it was a black mayor, and a white governor, both of whom had no capacity to lead, that let them suffer. Now they feel safe. Where were you, Mr. West, during this time? You were in Hollywood, far away from the destruction of a great city, giving no help to your fellow Americans. You scream whenever a camera is in your face about racism. It is people like you that keep racism alive. We lowly Americans ignore you, and we give from our hearts and homes to help our fellow citizens. We don't care about color. We care about life.

Posted 17 years 3 weeks ago by kurzddt

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So much for your credibility as a thinker, as the word is out all over the place as to the incompetence of the leadership in New Orleans and the leadership in Louisiana to even carry out their own emergency plans when needed. Then to think they can fool their citizens into not blaming them by blaming everyone else, even our President, shows how little credit they give their constituency to recognize B.S. when they hear it. They must be Democrats. Its putting your tongue in gear before engaging your brain that makes the leadership think it's working, and I guess it is for certain gullible people. It will be interesting to hear what you have for us after the investigation into this whole stinking mess reveals what did not take place and why it didn't to help our people in New Orleans. God have mercy on us all!

Posted 17 years 3 weeks ago by Kanye West

Kanye West's picture

Is this yet another example of an entertainer who slept through the classes like government, english, math or science? To be fed by the liberal whims of art teachers? It is ashame that most, repeat most entertainers know so little about their own government, mathematics, english, (especially musicans) or science.I know, I know don't confuse me with the facts my mind is made up.

Posted 17 years 3 weeks ago by Renelsonok

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Kayne West should have kept his trap shut leaving doubt about what a fool he is. Too late now, he ripped the cat out of the bag. It's sickening to hear the "do gooders" castigate President George Bush when there’s plenty of blame to go around. The Fed’s play a major role in disaster relief, but have to be asked to do so by STATE OFFICIALS FIRST. Forget about West's selective reasoning, and his failure to mention “Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco failed to submit a request for help in a timely manner, and according to experts; when natural disasters strike, it is the primary responsibility of state and local governments — not the federal government — to respond”-source ABC news. The ugly truth is; if they really care about these poor destitute folks, why aren't they focusing on actually helping instead if pointing fingers. It was never a news flash that New Orleans was a sitting duck when faced with the perfect storm. Sadly however, before this horrible tragedy it would have been impossible for anyone to submit a "plausible" reason that would garnish Federal acceptance manifesting into action. The point is, we should focus on helping these people, then collectively take responsibility and take corrective action. A good first step is to rebuild “above” sea level.

Posted 17 years 3 weeks ago by PB&J

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I would like to congratulate Kanye West for his focus on "Blood Diamonds" in his hit song, Diamonds from Sierra Leone.This is heartening to those of us who are working to clean up the diamond trade, to make sure the little people are not abused.Our non-profit, the Corporation for Economic Opportunity ( CEO ), works through an affiliate, called Kono's Hope, LLC, which has raised funds to reduce the exploitation of and to support the operations of small, indigenous , diamond mining ventures in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Our miners would love to sell their diamonds to the hip-hop crowd. To learn more about our project, please look at http://konodistrict.org/JJJames/SLpeaceDiamond_files/frame.htm . To learn more about the Peace Diamond Alliance, see www.peacediamonds.org.

Posted 17 years 2 months ago by joe james

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