Kanye West has said some weird things both on social media and on stage that have led people to suspect that his mental health may not be completely sound, but this time it was one simple action that have fans wondering if he's got some serious paranoia issues.

Kanye West at the MTV VMAsKanye West at the MTV VMAs

The rapper Tweeted a series of video clips from a video on Facebook entitled 'Scott Adams tells you how Kanye showed the way to The Golden Age. With coffee'. It's pretty deep stuff from a philosophical perspective, and controversial from a political one, ergo very much Kanye's thing at the moment, but that wasn't what was unusual.

It's certainly a weird title but he can't be blamed for the subject matter, and even the fact that Kanye literally filmed his Macbook while he was streaming the video, rather than just sharing a link like a normal person wasn't the strangest thing about these recent posts.

Eagle-eyed fans did notice in the shaky footage, however, that a small piece of what looks like black insulating tape was applied over the in-built webcam 'eye'. We can only think of one reason why he might have done that, and that's out of fear of hackers breaking into his computer system and using his camera to spy on his household.

It's not that something like that isn't possible, but it does show that Kanye has extreme issues with regards to his privacy. To be fair to him, though, his wife Kim Kardashian was the victim of a burglary in Paris in 2016 where she was robbed at gunpoint after thieves targeted valuables on Instagram.

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He's also not the only high profile individual to have taken security measures when it comes to their webcams. Former FBI director James Comey and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg have also been known to have done it.