Proving that fashion can be both dangerous and painful, an Adidas employee has been rushed to hospital via helicopter with a severe injury to his leg, apparently sustained during the development of Kanye West's shoe range Yeezy. Details are yet to emerge regarding the man's wounds.

Kanye West leaving a sushi barKanye West leaving a sushi bar

The injured party was a man in his early 20s, according to TMZ, who was apparently lifting a 3D printer outside Kanye West's office - the Calabasas Tech Center - on Friday (March 23rd 2018) when he lost his grip and it dropped onto his foot. The extent of the damage has not been revealed, but it was bad enough that he had to be airlifted to hospital.

The worst thing was, the poor man was trapped under the machinery for several minutes before a group of seven individuals were able to lift it and free him. Both paramedics and the fire service responded to the emergency call before he was flown to a medical center.

It is thought that the man was part of the team working on Kanye West's Yeezy collaboration with Adidas, named Adidas Yeezy Boost. The 40-year-old rapper is rather hands on when it comes to his fashion business ventures, so while he is yet to make a public statement about the incident, we imagine he'll be sending his condolences privately soon enough if he hasn't already. 

Kanye has been working in the fashion industry since 2005, when he began work on his first ever clothing line,  Pastelle Clothing. His first shoe range was the Air Yeezys, created with Nike and released in 2009, and he has since designed shoes for Louis Vuitton, Bape and Giuseppe Zanotti. 

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His collaboration with Adidas first began in 2013. The Yeezy Season 5 collection came out early in 2017, followed by his children's clothing line Kids Supply.