Kate Beckinsale is back with her shiny catsuit and glowing contact lenses as vengeful Death Dealer vampire Selene in 'Underworld: Blood Wars' - the latest installment in the vampire/Lycan series. The new film sees the franchise's first female director in Anna Foerster ('Criminal Minds', 'Outlander').

Kate Beckinsale in UnderworldKate Beckinsale returns for 'Underworld: Blood Wars'

'Underworld: Blood Wars' carries on from 2012's 'Underworld: Awakening', which saw Selene escape her cryonic prison only to discover that she has a hybrid daughter named Eve (India Eisley) and the latter's Lycan father Michael is missing. She discovered a world overrun by Lycans posing as genocidal humans and Eve's life is under threat because her DNA is coveted by the Lycans who want to perfect their bloodlines and those who want to cure both the vampires and the Lycans and end the eternal war for good.

Watch the trailer for 'Underworld: Blood Wars' here:


However, Selene's above all that now. She doesn't really want to get involved given that the entire vampire race has betrayed her and it's because of them and their sworn Lycan enemies that almost everyone she ever loved is dead or being hunted. The only involvement she wants is revenge. Meanwhile, her ally David (Theo James) and his father Thomas (Charles Dance) are trying to take down the Lycans that are still ravaging the world and wiping out vampires, but they meet their match when a new Lycan leader comes to town: Marius (Tobias Menzies). Selene is the only one who can help them and she had better start taking that responsibility seriously before her daughter pays the price. 

The film marks director Anna Foerster's feature film debut, though she has also been announced to helm 'Source Code 2' and 'Secret Hunter', the latter of which is an adaptation of Ranulph Fiennes 2002 novel about Neo-Nazi terrorism. Cory Goodman, who wrote the screenplays for 'Priest' and 'The Last Witch Hunter', also worked on the project.

'Underworld: Blood Wars' is set to hit theatres on February 3rd 2017.