Katie Price has revealed the list of names she thought of for her youngest daughter, before deciding on Bunny. Bunny was born in August 2014, but the former model says she and husband Kieran Hayler struggled for weeks before finally settling on a name.

Katie PriceKatie Price has revealed her list of name choices for her youngest daughter

In her new book Reborn which is being serialised by The Sun, Price, whose older daughter is named Princess, says her first choice of name was ‘Duchess’. However Hayler didn’t like the choice as he thought it sounded too ‘harsh”.

“At one point I wanted to name her Disney, but I didn’t really want her growing up thinking she’d been named after a theme park!” Price writes. “Then there were Bambi and Precious, which Kieran also hated.”

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Price also had more regular suggestions, including “old-fashioned names like Ethel and Peggy”, but the ‘Loose Women’ presenter thought they sounded a little too much like characters in ‘EastEnders’.

Finally Price came up with Bunny, a name which she and her husband could agree on. “When Bunny came into my head, it seemed right and Kieran agreed it was cute,” Price writes. “We’d left it so late we’d had a letter reminding us to register her name! I’d been close to writing back to ask for more time.”

Next she had to decide how to spell the name, after considering spelling it Bunni with a heart above the “i”, however her husband pointed out that “probably wasn’t even part of the English language.”

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Price says she “didn't give a toss” what other people thought, admitting that her mother didn't like the name at first. She did also read the comments made by Katie Hopkins, who had tweeted: “'BUNNY? Makes sense, given your dad was going at it like a rabbit with all of mum's mates,” after the baby’s name was revealed.

“Actually, I thought she was bang on about Kieran, but to say that about a six-week-old baby was simply vile,” Price wrote. “I wouldn’t mind but she named one of her children India. Geography’s not my strong point, but that’s a whole subcontinent, for God’s sake. Hasn’t she ever heard of the phrase pot calling the kettle black?”