Filming for John Wick 2 is about to begin, Thunder Road Pictures confirmed on Wednesday (23rd September). Keanu Reeves is reprising the title role in the upcoming sequel to the 2014 film John Wick. Reeves is the only casting confirmation so far for sequel although, with filming set to begin in the next few weeks, further casting announcements are expected.

John WickKeanu Reeves in John Wick.

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Reeves is not the only member of the original cast and crew to be returning for the sequel, as EW reports. David Leitch and Chad Stahelsk, who co-directed the first film, will perform the same duties for the sequel. Screenwriter Derek Kolstad is also back on board for the sequel.

No details about the sequel’s plot have been released. 

John Wick follows a retired assassin who, after the puppy his dead wife left him is killed by Russian gangsters, goes on a vengeful rampage. Reeves starred opposite Alfie Allen (Game of Thrones) and Michael Nyqvist (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo). The film was made on a budget on $20 million but made over $78.7 million at the box office. 

Critics and audiences were both impressed with John Wick and soon after began clamouring for a sequel. John Wick 2 (it’s uncertain if the film will actually be called this) was confirmed in May of this year. In a statement shortly after the sequel was announced, a representative for Lionsgate (the studio behind John Wick) said: “We knew that there was still so much more of this story to tell.”

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