The people behind ‘Draft Day’ are probably getting a little bit tired of comparisons to 'Moneyball', the Brad Pitt-starring 2011 hit, but given that the reviews have just been filed, and it seems to be lacking where 'Moneyball' prospered – so to speak – now is the perfect time for comparisons. And it doesn’t look rosy for director Ivan Reitman.

Draft DayKevin Coster pulls some surprise punches in 'Draft Day' 

The premise is simple: under the intense scrutiny of both a demanding owner and fickle fans, Sonny Weaver (Kevin Costner) must make draft day decisions that will both shape his career and the future of The Cleveland Browns. All the while, hundreds of young men’s sports careers hang in the balance. 

And while the critic have by no means slated 'Draft Day', a score of 60% (so far) on Rotten Tomatoes hasn’t done much to usurp Moneyball as the quintessential sports underdog story. Here’s what they had to say:

“It's hard to begrudge director Ivan Reitman and his star: Like veteran athletes, they go out there and get the job done, even if their best days are behind them,” wrote Tim Grierson of Screen International.

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“While “Draft Day” is a very agreeable and predictable movie,” writes’s Jordan Hoffman, “it is also very timely. Consider our newest craze: the age of Normcore. It’s the most Normcore movie that ever lived. It’s by and for normal people with normal interests. You can take a fifteen minute pee break and not miss anything. More surprisingly, it’s actually not bad.”

The Seattle Times’ John Hartl praises Costner’s central performance, saying: “Costner, naturally, carries the movie and gives it drive and focus.” But he is still moved to award the film a 2.5 star score, adding that it’s an “intelligent but sometimes exhausting comedy-drama.”

Football fans interested in the forensic detail of draft day might want to pay this film a visit, but those new to the genre could save some money and time by renting Moneyball, grabbing a cold soda and gracing the sofa with their presence.

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