Rapper-turned-actor Kid Cudi had no idea his same-sex kissing scenes had been cut from new movie James White until he attended the premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah on Friday (23Jan15).

The Day 'n' Nite hitmaker, real name Scott Mescudi, took on the role as the lead character's best friend in the drama, about a young New Yorker trying to come to terms with his father's death as his mother battles cancer, and he even filmed a number of scenes in which his character 'comes out' and locks lips with a male pal, played by David Call.

However, Cudi only learned the intimate scenes had been left on the cutting room floor when he sat down to watch James White for the first time.

Speaking after the screening, Cudi said, "I'm mad (director Josh Mond) cut out my kissing scenes with David.

"We made out so many times - and it was so good! That's my only gripe."

And Cudi insists he had no problem playing a gay character because he is "secure" with his own sexuality.

He tells Billboard.com, "My thing is what story are we trying to tell here? I didn't flinch (at playing a homosexual). I'm secure with mine (sexuality). I'm an artist - it's all about playing characters that are intriguing and stimulating."

He continues, "When he (his character) comes out of the closet it's not really a thing. I think that's something the world needs to see. 'Cause it's not a thing. We're all equal...

"This was way different than anything else I've ever done. It was dope (cool) to do that."