Kid Rock has urged his music peers to follow in his footsteps and take a pay cut on tour to give fans on a budget the chance to catch their favourite stars in concert.

The All Summer Long hitmaker launched his first budget-friendly tour in 2013, charging devotees just $20 (£12.50) a ticket for shows across North America.

The $20 Best Night Ever trek, which featured support from ZZ Top and Kool & The Gang, also featured reduced costs on everything from venue parking to beer and merchandise.

Kid Rock is implementing the same cost rules once more for his live shows this summer (15) and he admits it took some time to convince concert promoters at Live Nation that the idea would work and still earn them money.

And now he wants other artists to follow his lead.

Kid Rock explains, "I put the risk on myself, I don't take a guarantee (of how much he will earn). I go in (each night) and the money is in the numbers (attendance records)...

"It really took a lot of patience and time with Live Nation to go in with us and kind of be a guinea pig to try it out, but it's very successful and I'm so happy to be doing it again.

"I hope some other people get on board and start doing this because I really think that everything from sporting events to concerts, everything's out of hand with the prices."