Ok, so maybe Kim Kardashian's new platinum blonde look wasn't just a stroke of individual genius. Apparently, Kim was inspired by another famous example of blonde ambition - the one, the only, Madonna. Apparently Kim, like most of us, has grown up with the image of the platinum pop prima and has always wanted to give it a shot. And we already know that the Kardashian sister is big on experimenting with her look - so it made perfect sense to do it now. 

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian's blonde locks were inspired by MadonnaK, apparently.

Kardashian tells People.com, "I've always had this image of Madonna with platinum hair in my references folder on my computer and I've been waiting a long time to try the look. I thought what better time than right now for Paris Fashion Week. It was a really last minute decision."

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And if she attracts a few (thousand) comparisons with Draco Malfoy, who cares? 

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She's also been likened to Jared Leto and Orlando Bloom, which is never bad in our book. Of course, Kim has tried rocking a blonde look before, to great success, but the platinum is just a whole new level. The big question now is - will she keep it? And also... why is her avatar in the Kardashian mobile game still a brunette? We like to tackle the big issues here, folks.