As well as being the world’s most famous reality TV star, Kim Kardashian is quickly becoming known for her addiction to taking selfies, of which she shares with all her 27.2 million Instagram followers. But what does she love about taking snaps of herself wherever she goes?

Kim Kardashian
Kardashian knows her selfie addiction is "ridiculous"

The ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ star recently admitted to Adweek's Mobile Issue that she isn’t ashamed of her selfie-taking reputation, but Kim also revealed that she is aware her addiction is rather “ridiculous.”

"So many people think that taking selfies is just ridiculous. For me, what's so funny is I love taking pictures and posting them on social media just for memories," she told the publication. "I'm kind of letting them know, yes, it is ridiculous, but it's all fun."

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She added, "I take it more as a fun, emotional scrapbook that I love to look back on."

Knaye West’s wife also claimed she is not using selfies to promote the Kardashian brand, but just a way to connect with different people all over the world. "It's not that I brand myself like I'm a celebrity," she said. "It's just I'm living my life and sharing a part of my life with the world."

And for anyone who appreciates Kim’s use of social media, she doesn’t plan on giving it up anytime soon.

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"I love sharing my world with people, so I don't see me just having a freak-out and just stopping," she said. "Will I do it forever? I'm not sure. But I love the whole idea of it, especially because you get to share things your way."