Only a day after she was caught up in a high-speed and rather scary-sounding car crash in which her Rolls-Royce was written off, Kris Jenner has ordered a brand new half-million dollar car of the same brand which she’s had delivered to her home in Calabasas, California.

60 year old Jenner suffered a damaged wrist but was otherwise fortunately unscathed, apart from being “shook up”, by the accident near her home on Wednesday (August 3rd) when a Prius had jumped a red light in a rush to reach the 101 freeway and smashed into the side of her Roller.

She wasted no time in ringing up a dealership for a brand new model in white with a black top, costing a cool $544,275, and it turned out it was the only one in southern California. It was delivered to Jenner’s home in a rather ostentatious glass box, according to TMZ.

The old car suffered a huge amount of damage, particularly to the front passenger side where the oncoming car had collided. The force was such that the airbag deployed, which hurt Jenner’s wrist. Her daughters Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian, plus her boyfriend Corey Gamble and son-in-law Kanye West, rushed from the family home to assist paramedics and police at the scene.

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“I'm okay, just shaken up and very sore," Jenner later told People. “I'm feeling very blessed. God is so good.”

In the day after the accident, her relatives showered her with get-well-soon presents. “Mommy, I love you!” wrote 32 year old Khloe as she sent five bouquets of white roses. Meanwhile, 29 year old son Rob sent her gold letter balloons that spelt out ‘Love You Mom’. “I love you too Rob!!!!” she wrote on Instagram in response. “Thank you for the beautiful balloons and for loving me the way you do!!”

Caitlyn Jenner was also concerned for her well-being, it was reported by HollywoodLife. “Cait was calling Kris‘ cell but obviously there was no answer, and she finally got through to Kylie who calmed her down and told her everything would be all right," a source told the publication.

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