The Ex-Factor singer was reported to have joined the photo-sharing site over the weekend (30-31May15), under the user name 'ms_laurynhill', and used her first few posts to share images from her recent 40th birthday party.

The first picture uploaded features Hill at the bash, and is captioned, "Thanks for all the birthday love!! So my gift to you is my very own Instagram account. Let's see how this goes! Tag all your friends & let them know the REAL L-BOOGIE (her nickname) is here!"

The person in charge of the blog also went on to share snaps from a Nina Simone documentary screening in New York City, which Hill attended and performed at on Monday (01Jun15). Each post featured captions written from what appeared to be Hill's point of view.

A message in the biography section of the Instagram page reads: "I was a bit skeptical about using Instagram but ya girl is here!! Let me give this thing a try! L-Boogie".

However, the Fugees star has since taken to her official Facebook and Twitter pages to insist the Instagram account is not hers.

Sharing a link to a news article about the new Instagram blog on Wednesday (03Jun15), she writes, "This is absolutely not my Instagram page. 'Ya girl' is most certainly not there, at least not yet. It looks like it could be an inside job, we're keeping an eye out. Lol (laugh out loud)."