This article is about the Glee finale. If you have not seen the Glee finale and intend to do so (question your life choices now), then go read something else. As for everyone else, did Ryan Murphy and co. just pull a JK Rowling on us? The Glee saga may not have been as epic as Harry Potter, but it sure ended on an equally perfect note.

But let’s start from the beginning – the beginning of the end, if you will. It was a double bill, with the second part flashing forward to the Glee club’s future, while the first... well, this is where the tears started flowing. We got to look back on Rachel, Kurt, Mercedes and Tina’s humble Glee beginnings as we flashed back to the first season – everyone was all green and excited. The obvious problem was that there was no Finn around, but once again, the writers paid dutiful homage to Cory Monteith, alluding to his character at every opportunity.

Lea Michele
Lea Michele's Rachel Berry has definitely mellowed out over the years.

The episode closed with a re-airing of that first performance of Don’t Stop Believing, where the gang are all red shirts and enthusiasm. And we were punched straight in the... six years ago-hood.

But then – optimism! Hope! Future! The second episode of the night jumped forward in time, to show us the beginning with the New Directions winning Nationals. Cue the celebration -- and more good news: McKinley High School was being turned into a performing arts school, and Will is the new principal. Hey, nobody ever said this was meant to be believable.

As for the rest of them, everybody found the best possible spot for their talents. -Sam becomes New Directions' new leader, taking over the path that Finn was set on.

Mercedes finally gets some of the recognition she deserves as the opening act for Beyonce! Years beyond that, she becomes a diva (female version of a hustler) in her own right and presumably runs the world. One of Artie's movies gets picked up for Slamdance. And he's back together with Tina! Yes, awesome, all my Glee dreams come true. Sue is our next Vice President of the United States (sure), serving under President Jeb Bush. Um, I’ll just leave that one hanging. Rachel is pregnant (!) as a surrogate for a very happy Kurt and Blaine. EVEN BETTER - Rachel GOT HER TONY. On awards night, we find out she's married to Jesse St. James, who is also her director for Jane Austin Sings! Her speech is as cheesy and as wonderful as anything Glee has ever come out with and dedicated to Will. Coincidentally, it will make you tear up.

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The final number – a bit of an odd choice, but I am here for it – was One Republic’s I Lived. The song concludes, and the final shot of the show is a plaque dedicated to Finn, with the quote, which Sue said during her dedication, "See the world not as it is, but as it should be."