Lea Michele has had a difficult year to deal with in 2013, but has managed to put her heartbreak and emotional stress at bay long enough to concentrate on her professional career. In addition to her acting work, Lea has also been hard at work on her first solo album, Louder, and today we got to listen to our second teaser for the album.

Lea Michele
Michele's 2013 has been a rollercoaster ride

'Battlefield' is a piano-led ballad that details an intense and excruciating break up. The track is the follow-up glimpse at Louder, with Michele initially releasing her first single from the album online earlier this month. The Sia-penned 'Cannonball' has already proved to be a hit online, with live versions of the song amassing nearly one million views alone, but is currently a sleeper on the charts, only rising as high as No. 75 on the US Billboard Hot 100, although that figure is expected to rise once the video and album has been released.

With the release of 'Battlefield,' which became the second single from Louder when it was released on 28 December, record executive at Columbia (the label Michele is signed to) are hoping that Michele's album will be able to reach a wider audience and both singles will go on to perform better than 'Cannonball' initially did. They are also hoping that the two singles will provide further interest in Louder ahead of it's release in early 2014.

Louder is slated for release on 4 March in the US and a day earlier in the UK. Listen to 'Battlefield' below.

Lea Michele Target
Lea has managed to keep her spirits high despite all that has happened to her this year