The Great GatsbyA Scene From Baz Luhrmann's Forthcoming 3-D Adaptation Of The Great Gatsby

The new trailer for The Great Gatsby has now emerged. Originally, Baz Luhrmann's glitzy take on F Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel was intended for release this month (December 2012) but now it seems that fans will have to wait for the ambitious cinematic venture. This latest peek at the movie, though, suggests that it might just be worth the wait.

Luhrmann's decision to make the movie in 3D confounded many movie buffs who couldn't see the benefit of 3D for a drama of this ilk. Subtlety, though, has never been a major player in Luhrmann's repertoire and this latest trailer is further evidence of his insistence on big, bold and beautiful, for most things that he does. This second look at the movie focuses less on its aesthetic charms though and more on the story. Particularly, the doubtful Nick Carraway, played by Tobey Maguire, is focused on, as is his relationship with the title character, Jay Gatsby - played here by Leonardo Dicaprio. We also get to see a lot of Carey Mulligan, a scene-stealer, by all accounts, as she shimmers in an array of glitzy dresses, dripping with vintage glamour. It might be bold and brash, but Luhrmann has retained the requisite levels of suave here, too.

The Great GatsbyCarey Mulligan And Her Array Of Dazzling Outfits Are A Particular Highlight Of The Great Gatsby Trailer

The Great Gatsby is now scheduled to be released in May 2013. 

Watch the trailer for The Great Gatsby: