Lily Allen is famously the daughter of actor and musician, Keith Allen. But it seems the Smile songstress has not spoken to her father since the release of her memoirs, My Thoughts Exactly, earlier this year.

Lily AllenLily Allen's dad, Keith, has said her memoirs made for uncomfortable reading

The British singer, 33, shocked with a series of revelations in her book. One in particular revealed that her father had suffered a cocaine-related heart attack at Glastonbury festival in 1998 when she was 14.

However, it seems this inclusion of drug-related issues involving her dad was a step too far and she has since admitted he has been 'quite cross' with what she wrote.

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Instead, Keith has vehemently referenced the story as incorrect, claiming that his heart attack was a result of 'acute food poisoning'.

In her book, Lily revealed she visited him in a makeshift hospital bed and the next day in his caravan on site - where he was snorting cocaine with his mates again.

However, Keith - who split from Lily's mother Alison Owen when the mother-of-two was four - was none too pleased with the particular snipped from her book.

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Speaking to The Jonathan Ross Show in September she revealed: "He texted me, 'Err cocaine-induced heart attack at Glastonbury. Wow.’"

And now Lily has revealed that she hasn't spoken to her dad since the awkward text exchange.

Revealing all on BBC Radio 4’s Mastertapes, Lily admitted: "I haven’t spoke to my dad actually since."

She added: "I didn’t put anything in there to embarrass or humiliate or to shame anybody. I only put something in there if I felt it was significant in that it makes me make a bit more sense to people."