Madonna is reportedly set to hold ‘peace talks’ with her estranged son Rocco and ex-husband Guy Ritchie next week. The singer has been embroiled in a custody battle with Ritchie over their 15-year-old son since December, when he left her Rebel Heart tour to stay with his father in London.

MadonnaMadonna is said to be holding peace talks with ex Guy Ritchie next week.

According to The Mirror, Madonna will wrap up her world tour in Australia on March 20th and will then fly to fly to the UK straight after. A source said: “Madonna is going to do whatever it takes to see Rocco. She wants to meet with Guy as well to sort out the situation once and for all. She is in a very desperate situation.”

“She knows she can’t order Rocco to come and see her so she is making plans to go to wherever he is. If it means staying in London for a long period of time then she will. At the end of the day she is devoted to her children, and now that the tour is about to finish she wants to focus on mending the wounds.”

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Rocco is said to have already started school in London and Madonna reportedly told friends she will move to the UK if it means being close to her son. Earlier this week it was reported that Ritchie was seeking advice from Fathers4Justice for his custody fight with Madonna.

The Mirror wrote that Ritchie contacted the group for a “jargon-free rundown” of a father’s parental rights. The campaign group’s founder Matt O’Connor said: “We offer support to thousands of fathers, including numerous celebrity dads, with their ongoing cases in the family courts.”

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“Millions of fathers will understand the pain Madonna is going through after being separated from her son, Rocco. Fathers have no right in law to see their children after separation and there’s no presumption of shared parenting.”

“It is rare, then, for a mother to experience this kind of loss. However, there is no justification for publicly denigrating Rocco’s dad. Children need the best of both parents.”