The Bourne Identity star admits he cannot take the property tycoon seriously as a potential presidential candidate because he makes such outrageous remarks.

"When people are talking about putting a wall up, I just can't take them seriously," he tells The Hollywood Reporter. "It seems so un-American. We have people running for the highest elected office talking about putting a wall up that would keep my wife and her family out of the country, you know?"

Damon's wife Luciana hails from Argentina.

The movie star also can't believe what he's hearing from the mouth of Trump's fellow Republican hopeful Dr. Ben Carson, who recently said that no Muslim should ever be President of the USA.

Damon adds, "What he said is horrible and offensive and also just not true. It's literally written into the Constitution that your religion won't bar you from any office, you know? So it's not only horrible and offensive, but also wrong."

The actor has links to Carson - the medic appeared alongside Damon in the comedy Stuck on You.

"There's a scene (in the movie) where Greg Kinnear and I are separated and Ben Carson plays the surgeon," he explains. "We shot with him for the entire day. He could not have been lovelier. (But) I can't believe some of the things that he says."

Unsurprisingly, the fervent Democrat has already picked who he'll be voting for in next year's elections: "I'm supporting Hillary (Clinton)."