Oscar winner Matthew Mcconaughey is about to embark on a terrifying mission, to find a new home planet for the earth’s inhabitants before time runs out. Of course the scary prospect of humanity’s fate being in the hands of McConaughey is just the plot for his new movie, Interstellar, but the trailer for this looks so good you could forgive us for getting little over invested.

Matthew McConaughey in InterstellarMatthew McConaughey in Interstellar

It’s all been pretty hush hush around Interstellar for the past few months. Christopher Nolan has allowed few details about the movie to trickle out, but now just over a month away from its theatrical release we've been given our third and best look yet at the upcoming sci-fi drama.

Actor of the moment McConaughey stars as Cooper, a widowed engineer-pilot who is tasked with leaving the earth to find a new home planet after an ecological disaster hits. Along for the ride is another Oscar winner, Anne Hathaway, while Michael Caine also stars as a wise, elderly professor.

Watch the Interstellar trailer here:

In the clip we learn a few more things about Cooper’s mission as well as the heartbreaking news that he may have to choose between ever seeing his daughters again and the fate of the human race. We also hear that the crew make it “further than any humans in history”, still that’s just not far enough for hero McConaughey.

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But our biggest take away from the Interstellar trailer is just how epically gorgeous this film looks. This is the kind of movie that makes us hope cinemas wont soon be a thing of the past. From the earth to space and whatever the crew encounter inbetween, Nolan has set up some glorious shots that are sure to wow the Academy come January.

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Interstellar hits US and UK theatres on November 7th, with Imax previews from November 5th.

Anne Hathaway in InterstellarAnne Hathaway in Interstellar