It looks like there's another spanner in the works for the Spice Girls as they face further delay on their forthcoming reunion tour thanks to Victoria Beckham's refusal to participate. Apparently, things got rather heated in a recent telephone call between her and her frustrated bandmate Mel B.

Victoria Beckham at her store openingVictoria Beckham at her store opening

Reports claim that the two women had a profanity-laden argument when Victoria allegedly threatened to sue Mel B, Mel C, Geri Horner and Emma Bunton if they attempted to profit from the Spice Girls reunion without her, despite the fact that she no longer wants to be a part of the live shows.

'The girls are furious with Victoria for initially agreeing to reunite, then pulling out. At one stage she even threatened to go legal if the girls cashed in on the brand minus her', a source told The Sun. 'By the end of the exchange, Melanie told Victoria: 'F**k off, you b***h!'. And that was pretty much the end of the conversation.'

Apparently, the girls were also angry with Victoria for a recent Vogue shoot she did, where she displayed her iconic Posh Spice look complete with appropriate 'Girl Power' poses. '[They] basically said she was being a hypocrite', the source said.

This latest disagreement is thought to be the biggest spat the girls have had since Geri decided to leave the group back in 1998. Again, it was Mel B who was the most vocal about her feelings on the matter back then, and she opened up about the drama on 'Loose Women' recently. 

'I felt angry and then sad', she said. 'We're all about our sisterhood and Girl Power so to think that one of our sisters got that bad to remove herself was really daunting.'

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They are eager to return as a five-piece, largely given that they are set to make a relatively modest £8 million each, which is considerably less than what they would make if they became five again.