Forget Transformers 5, or Pain & Gain 2, because Michael Bay is ready to show the world that he can direct a movie with a coherent plot line. The action-filmmaker has signed on to helm Benghazi political drama 13 Hours.

Transformers 5Michael Bay has been busy making 'Transformers' movies for over a decade

Adapted from Mitchell Zuckoff's book, the movie tells the story of an attack of an Amercican compound in Libya, that left U.S Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens dead. Chuck Hogan, the celebrated screenwriter who penned The Town, has adapted the book, reports the Hollywood Reporter. 

The focus will be on six members of a security team that fought valiantly to defend American soldiers after terrorists attacked the U.S. State Department Special Mission Compound in Benghazi. Stevens and a foreign service worker were killed in one attack, while two contract workers were killed in a second assault on a CIA station close-by.

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It's an incredible change of pace for Bay, who's spent almost a decade making poorly received but huge grossing Transformers movies. Sources say that 13 Hours will be budgeted around the $30-40 million mark. To put that into context, some of the Transformers movies were made for $250 million.

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The latest movie in the franchise, Transformers: Age of Extinction, grossed over a billion dollars worldwide. 

Bay had further success with his Platinum Dunes production company last week, with horror flick Ouija topping the box-office. As with many of the Platinum Dunes movies, poor reviews did little to halt a stirring performance at the box-office. The movie - made for just $5 million - took over $23 million in ticket sales. 

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