Transformers: Age of Extinction has performed in almost a literal sense, eliminating its rivals at the box office on its opening weekend. Michael Bay's action sequel - the fourth so far in the franchise - detonated with an estimated $100 million domestically after having opened last Friday.

Transformers Age Of Extinction
'Transformers: Age Of Extinction' Has Had A Stunning Opening Weekend.

The impressive figure is a record for this year: the popular yet critically-panned movie has proved the USA's highest grossing opener of the year so far, according to THR. The last $100 million opening was last November's The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

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The encouraging news arrives in the wake of the latest franchise instalment being derided by critics who, as usual, found Bay's action sequences overblown with a disappointing lack of emphasis on plot or script. The director has even begun to distance himself from the franchise, saying that he didn't even want to make another Transformers movie.

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The movie, which sees the iconic robots do battle with dinosaur robots, saw off competition from comedy sequel 22 Jump Street and kids animation How To Train Your Dragon 2 to vastly outstrip the sales of both. Age of Extinction outsold Jump Street's $15.4 million by nearly 6.5 times and Dragon 2's $13.4 million nearly 8 times over, according to Box Office Mojo.

Transformers Age Of Extinction Bumblebee
Despite Some Poor Reviews, The Movie Enjoyed A $100 Million Opening Weekend.

Transformers 4's weekend success could be attributed to the lack of competition from any other hard-hitting openers as well as its multi-generational worldwide appeal. Its success was replicated in China where more record were broken with its $90 million debut, the country's highest opening to date.

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Its Asian appeal could have a lot to do with a large proportion of the film being shot in Hong Kong. Taking into account each gross figure worldwide, Age of Extinction's total gross is already over the $300 million mark.