Debbie Rowe, Michael Jackson's ex-wife, wept whilst standing as a witness in the AEG negligence trial. The trial is into its second day, the suit was filed by Michael Jackson's three children and his mother, Katherine. The suit claims AEG should pay compensation for hiring Dr Conrad Murray who, inadvertently, killed Michael Jackson in 2009. Concert promoters AEG allege that Jackson hired Conrad and that he frequently used anaesthetics. 

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson in 2008.

Rowe married Michael Jackson in 1996 but the marriage only lasted three years. Rowe left their two children with Michael for three years following their divorce, a decision she claims she has no regrets about. She stated: "Michael wanted to be a father, I didn't sign on to be a mom. I loved him very much and still do. I wanted him to be a father, I wanted him to have everything that he didn't have growing up, wanted him to experience it with his own child, his own children."

The whole point of this statement was to disprove any claim by AEG that Jackson was a drug addict and had long used anaesthetic to treat his insomnia, according to NY Daily News. In court, Rowe claimed she would never have left her children in her ex-husband's care if there had been any suspicion of this. 

Debbie Rowe
Debbie Rowe photographed in California in 2009.

However, AEG did lead her to admit that Jackson had been given a dose of anaesthetic whilst in Munich in 1997. Rowe was cross examined about this occasion:  she stated that her husband was at "the end of his rope" with exhaustion and he "felt better" after taking the propofol. 

The Jackson's legal team are likely to argue that one use of this prescribed drug does not make a person an addict. Furthermore they will, presumably, emphasis that this remedy was prescribed by doctors. 

Rowe described how Jackson's death had impacted on her family, particularly her daughter Paris Jackson. Paris attempted to harm herself earlier this year and spent some time in hospital following the incident in June. 

Addressing the court, Rowe cried "I almost lost my daughter," stating that Paris "is devastated" and that "she tried to kill herself."

Paris Jackson
Paris Jackson is "devestated" by her father's death.