It’s about time for another round of Michael Jackson nostalgia, with A Place With No Name, the first single off his posthumous album, released yesterday. The single came along with a video, released late on Wednesday via the late icon’s Twitter. And yes, the video is available worldwide, so if you haven’t seen it yet, what are you even doing? The release of A Place With No Name marked a milestone of sorts – it was the first time Twitter has been used for a music video release.

Michael Jackson
MJ's legacy lives on in XSCAPE.

But since this is Michael Jackson’s music we’re talking about, it couldn’t just be a low-key Twitter premiere. At the same moment the video dropped, it also started playing on the Sony screen in Times Square in NYC, for thousands of passersby.

The video was directed by Samuel Bauer and the MJ tributes are abundant. The clip opens on a beach and then segues into the desert, with the black and white images of a female dancer and Michael Jackson dancing at various spots.

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At the midway point, the visuals switch to color, where Bayer employs outtakes and behind-the-scenes footage of the XSCAPE singer that was shot for “In The Closet” — footage that had been kept under wraps since 1992.


Happy hump day, MJ fans.