The wrongful death trial against AEG Live regarding Michael Jackson saw Prince Jackson – the late singer’s son – take the stand. What followed was his recollection of the last time he saw his father alive.

Michael Jackson
Jackson fans celebrate what would have been his 53rd birthday

"My dad was hanging halfway off the bed and his eyes were rolling back in his head," said 16-year-old Prince in a heart-warming speech. "[Dr. Conrad] Murraywas doing CPR. My sister was screaming the whole time saying she wants her daddy. I was waiting at the bottom of the stairs crying, waiting to go to the hospital." Speaking fondly about his father, he continued: "He always said you should give back to the community and to give back as much as you can. I got my desire to give back from my father." Prince added that his dad always told him "everything is a learning experience...always learn from your experience." Lawyers for the Jackson family are trying to prove AEG wrongfully hired a doctor, and pushed him too hard in his last years, leading to his death. "We always listened to his music, but we didn't know he was famous," he said.

Prince JacksonPrince Jackson gave his account of the last time he saw his father alive

Upon Michael's death, "we had our ways of dealing with it. [Paris] is having a hard time right now," said Prince of his sister, who tried to commit suicide last month by slashing her wrist. She is currently on the mend, though.

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