Miranda Lambert has opened up on her life lately in an interview with Billboard magazine. The 30 year-old country singer, who rose to fame as a finalist in the 2003 series of Nashville Star, is married to fellow country musician and The Voice coach Blake Shelton. Between them they've sold 12.5 million albums but choose to retreat from the limelight with their dogs and horses in Tishomingo, a small town that is two hours away from Oklahoma City and Dallas.

Miranda Lambert
Miranda Lambert Is Open On The Subject Of The Media In A New Interview.

Miranda may sing about burning men's houses down and welcoming an abusive partner home with a shotgun but the singer reveals that it's the false tabloid reports that she's sensitive to. "I think I've had like five sets of twins in the last two years, and we've been divorced four times, and one of us had a $100 million divorce. We both agreed, 'If one of us has $100 million, one of us is killing the other.' It's craziness," she said.

She says that Shelton "doesn't care at all" with regards to the press "but girls are more sensitive. I'm like, 'But they're telling lies!' So dramatic. Now, it has actually brought us closer, which is probably the opposite of what they're trying to do. We just laugh about it."

Miranda Lambert Blake Shelton
Miranda Said She And Blake Have Learned To Laugh About The Gossip Together.

Lambert attracted a great deal of attention when she showed off a much slimmer physique he Academy of Country Music Awards in April, but the singer takes a stand against the attention over her size. "It just feels like you can't do anything for yourself anymore. There's always got to be some reason behind everything," she said.

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"Have you ever thought I might just be turning 30 and trying to get a little ahead of the game? Isn't that just a normal thing to do?" Miranda continued, adding "I'm super into giving girls - especially younger girls - a positive body image," says Lambert. "I'm just a normal-sized girl, the girl you would probably come over and have a beer with if you lived next door right now, and we'd probably be frying chicken. I don't ever want to stray away from that."

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Miranda Revealed How Much She Enjoys Inspiring Her Female Fans.

Staying on the subject of body image, Miranda revealed "A lot of female fans come up to me and say, 'Thanks for being normal. You made me feel OK about my size 8.' Or, 'I threw my scale away today thanks to you. You're so confident in who you are.' So whenever they talk about my weight loss and all this crap, that doesn't define me. I'm so much more than my jean size - it's not even about that."

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