Olly Murs is currently riding high on the UK Singles chart with ‘Troublemaker’ but can he make it a double-whammy with his third studio album? It will mean shaking Rihanna off the top of the tree; she’s currently sat there with Unapologetic, but will the UK decide to favour Olly’s boyish charms, over tabloid perennial Rhi Rhi?

Right Place Right Time is the third full-length release from Murs, who manages to maintain a presence on prime-time TV with his Xtra Factor presenting duties, even when he’s not releasing records. His harmless and affable charm seem to do as well for him as his song choices and the success of ‘Troublemaker’ will, of course, help sales of the album. Which just happens to be coming out a few weeks before Christmas. Which is kind of handy because he’s the kind of middle-of-the-road pop act you can purchase as an ambitious stocking filler, or for your Secret Santa at work, for the girl that doesn’t really seem to care about music very much.

Watch Olly Murs' video for Right Place Right Time

Right Place Right Time video

You’d have been forgiven for thinking that the mid-noughties boy band McFly had split up, or dedicated themselves to a life of varying success of a range of different reality TV shows. That, however, is not the case. They appear to have decided to make themselves a going concern again and are releasing a Greatest Hits album, Memory Lane: The Best of McFly. Funnily enough, they’ve also decided to release their memoirs, recently too, which is entitled Unsaid Things.

The most interesting thing about this album is that McFly don’t appear to have aged in the length of time that it’s taken them to have a career, stop having a career, doing the whole reality TV, comeback thing and then actually doing the proper comeback thing. The second most interesting thing about it is that there are three new songs on there, entitled ‘Love Is Easy,’ ‘Do Watcha’ and ‘Cherry Cola.’

Watch McFly's Love Is Easy video

Girl on Fire is the fifth studio album for Alicia Keys. So far, she’s had great success with the title track and looks set for an ambitious chart position with today’s album release. Keys is a perennial favourite amongst UK music fans, Her album’s have always charted in the Top 20 and her last album, The Element of Freedom (2009) went to number one. Whilst some are hailing Girl on Fire as another masterpiece from this prodigious songwriter, the overall response has varied from disappointment to high praise. It will be interesting to see how Keys’ latest album performs, with such a mixed critical response out there.

Listen to Brand New Me (Audio)

Another Greatest Hits package, this time from girl band Girls Aloud and named Ten. They’re one of the most successful British girl bands of all time and whilst few would deny that their new releases ‘Something New’ and ‘Beautiful Cause You Love Me’ were lacking in quality, their appeal was never just about the music, so it looks as though we have another hit on hands here. After all, it’s being released just a few weeks before Christmas, so you can purchase it as an ambitious stocking filler, or for your Secret Santa at work, for the girl… etc etc. Yeah, okay, we’re feeling cynical this week. 

Watch the video for Something New:

Something New video