Australian/Cypriot singer Peter Andre has brought out a scent which is, unsurprisingly, called ‘Mysterious Girl’. Mysterious Girl was the name of Pete’s 1995 hit single that has sort of become his unofficial theme tune.

peter andre perfumeWe weren't shocked to hear Peter Andre's perfume is called 'Mysterious Girl'

Bizarrely, actor Alan Cumming has his own fragrance, which he has named...erm...‘Cumming’. Described as ‘One crazy fragrance...Smells like an old backyard that’s been dug up, then a kind of semi-sweet, mellow scent comes thru.....’ by one reviewer.  No cumment.

Celebrities who you won’t be surprised to learn have fragrances include Sarah Jessica Parker, Paris Hilton, Katy Perry and Britney Spears. Although we think Nicki Minaj’s perfume wins best name with her fragrance ‘Minajesty’.

Are you a fan of celebrity scents or do you prefer to stick to designer perfumes and aftershaves? There seems to be a lot of snobbery surrounding celebrity released perfumes, when in fact they seem to get some pretty great reviews from those who use them! Well, if you discount Alan Cumming’s aftershave that is.

BREAKING NEWS: It turns out Alan has released two fragrances. The follow up to ‘Cumming’ is aptly named ‘Second Cumming’. P.S. we’re not kidding.