The Boyzone star became engaged to Australian TV producer Storm Uechtritz in April (15), a month after his divorce from ex-wife Yvonne was finalised, and now he has revealed they have decided to hold the ceremony in the Scottish Highlands in August (15).

Keating admits they decided to marry in Scotland to avoid having to chose between their native countries.

He tells, "All of our families are going to be there - everyone. Rather than doing it in Australia or in Ireland we said we'd go to neutral ground and meet there. It's a very special place for us."

When pressed on the exact location, he adds, "It's up there somewhere, I'm not saying anything."

He also reveals he may perform with his Boyzone bandmates on his big day on 21 August (15): "I'm just in charge of the music and entertainment. Maybe Boyzone will perform - we'll all be there so it would be rude not to do something."

Keating split from Yvonne, the mother of his three children, in 2011 after his affair with a backing dancer was exposed. He began dating Uechtritz later that year (11).