Shakira has "chemistry" with Pharrell Williams.

The Columbian singer is again collaborating with the music producer on her new LP - which will feature a mix of Spanish and English songs - and claims they have the ideal working relationship.

She said: "Pharrell is really great. We have lots of chemistry together.

"I learnt a lot from him when we worked on my last album 'She Wolf'. He's so fast in the studio, whereas I'm usually so slow. I take so much time on one decision; I go in circles sometimes, whereas he is very immediate."

The 33-year-old singer had originally planned to make the album all in Spanish, but changed her mind when she was overwhelmed by a wave of creativity.

She explained: "I'd already written half of this album and it was always the plan to release a Spanish album next. I've felt very inspired in the last month, so I went for it. I started writing some material in English, too, which I'm going to use on this album."