Sienna Miller's favourite outfits are the ones which get criticised.

The 'Burnt' actress pays no attention to the negative comments she receives on the red carpet because so long as she likes what she's wearing, that's all that matters.

She said: ''I tend to love the outfits that end up being criticised - they're my favourites.

''I dress for me. I don't give it as much thought as you probably think. I just have fun with it.''

Despite being regarded as a style icon, the 33-year-old actress - who has a three-year-old daughter, Marlowe, with ex-partner Tom Sturridge - admits she finds it ''intimidating'' dressing up for glamorous events, though she does love having stunning designer gowns available to her.

She said: ''I find that scenario quite intimidating - I think most people do.

''But sometimes you get these amazing dresses and it's wonderful to be able to borrow them.''

As well as not paying attention to criticism of her outfits, Sienna also ignores negative reviews as she knows they are not ''personal''.

She told Look magazine: ''It's hard to feel fulfilled, regardless of what your response is to [what validates you].

''I think you really have to know that you've done everything you can. And that in itself is validation.

''I've read reviews of my films that I adore, which are terrible, and vice versa. It's not personal.''