Just three days ago, Simon Cowell’s girlfriend, Lauren Silverman gave birth to their son, Eric. You’d think that the 36 year old new mum would have been bed bound for a few days to recover from the birth, but Lauren was out and about in New York yesterday and you wouldn’t even be able to tell that she’d just had a baby. Sporting a pair of slim leg leather trousers, Lauren looked in fabulous shape and even better spirits as she shopped for baby clothes.

lauren simon babyLauren gave birth to her and Simon's baby son just three days ago

Celebrity mums seem almost super human in their ability to bounce back into shape immediately after giving birth. While us laypeople struggle to lose the pregnancy pounds, the celebs are back in phenomenal shape within just a few weeks of popping out their little ones.

Heidi Klum famously returned to the runway to take part in an underwear show just five weeks after the birth of her fourth child. Plenty of women don’t even feel confident enough to strip off when they’re at home alone five weeks after giving birth, let alone strutting down the catwalk! Conclusion: Heidi Klum is a regenerating droid sent from the future!

Victoria Beckham supposedly gained a stone and a half during her pregnancy with her fourth child, Harper Seven. VB is famous for her svelte physique, but even we were surprised at how quickly she managed to shift her baby weight! Within just a few weeks Victoria was back to being a Size 0 as a result of a strict diet and gentle exercise plan.

Queen Bey consistently proves to us mere mortals that she’s got life on the down low. After giving birth to her daughter, Blue Ivy in 2012, Beyonce almost immediately regained her famously toned tummy. Beyonce claims her healthy diet, as well as training for an upcoming tour, is what helped her bounce back into bootylicious shape.

Kate Middleton post babyK-Midd regained her svelte body just three months after giving birth to Prince George

When Kate Middleton gave birth to the much anticipated Royal Baby (otherwise known as Prince George) in July 2013, the Duchess felt confident enough to show off a totally flat tum just three months after at a charity athletic event in London. There wasn’t a single new mother who had also given birth around the same time that was able to hide their jealousy at how quickly Kate had regained her figure. Even more impressively she managed to play volleyball in a pair of skyscraper wedges!

On the whole, the celebrities do tend to keep fairly mum about their post-baby weight loss secrets, leaving us to conclude that they simply have some sort of super-celeb metabolism that the rest of us will never, and can never, have.

What do you think, is it healthy how quickly celeb mums drop their baby weight? Let us know!