Lord Sugar was brought on board a flailing project called YouView two years ago. The original plan was for YouView to act as iPlayer does but to all broadcasters, a set top box that could and would record regular viewing for an all round catch-up experience.

However, with high profile stake holders in the project including big boys BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five, BT and TalkTalk and each party wanting to take the venture in a different direction, it was failing, and fast. The original box was meant to be launched in 2010 but it only came out last Autumn, apparently thanks to the great help of Lord Sugar. 

Having brought the service into households, he said, "my job is complete and I will now focus my time and attention into my other businesses." Apparently, during a board meeting for the company, Sugar and Channel 5 boss Richard Desmond has an enormous row which some reports have even claimed left Sugar's fist raised. The argument was in front of the rest of the board as well as the rest of the staff on the same level, as it all took place in a glass office. 

As the Telegraph report, however, it is unclear whether Sugar's stepping down from the post of Chief Executive of the company has anything to do with his leaving. Indeed, the pair could have been rowing about Sugar stepping down in the first place. Desmond was heard saying, in a taunting way, "You're fired!" to Sugar, which makes clear reference to Sugar's show, The Apprentice. Anyway, whatever happened Lord Sugar is now gone from YouView and as he said he'll have plenty of time now to focus his attention elsewhere.