Perhaps the best thing about Stephen Colbert’s win – for Colbert, anyway – is that he knocked Jon Stewart off his perch. And what a perch it was: 10 years running he won the variety show category, which is probably why his adversary won’t shut the hell up about it.

Stephen ColbertColbert is very much drinking it in

And what better place to boast to the nines than your own show, right? Firstly, he was modest enough to admit that he’d made a "verbal gaffe" when he accepted the Emmy. (USA Today)

He thanked "everyone who works on the show to make it possible." “I don't know what I was thinking. I'm the only one who does this show. ... I meant to thank myself but in the excitement I blanked on the word me!" he joked. Ha, ha, ha.

And in addition, he went on to that that this win was "that much sweeter" because he "vanquished" Stewart and his "10-year reign of terror."

And here comes Stewart. "It is really important to me that I have crushed you," Colbert told him. "I'm an executive producer on your show so I won again, mother (expletive)!" said Stewart, getting the last laugh once again.

Jon StewartJon Stewart smiling through his teeth

Colbert’s win came on a night when no one could predict what was going to happen. The Newsroom’s Jeff Daniel’s beat out category favourite Bryan Cranston for the lead actor award, but the AMC meth drama – which only has one episode left – grabbed the big one, taking home the Outstanding Drama award. And rightly deserved.