The group, which originally boasted five members, was reduced to four when Robbie Williams went solo in 1995, and he exited again in 2012 after a brief reunion. Williams' departure was followed by that of Jason Orange, who quit the group last year (14), leaving Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald to launch a new tour and album as a trio.

They kicked off a 42-date trek in Glasgow, Scotland on Monday night (27Apr15) and the singers have now revealed they were ordered to get in shape to show off their new line-up.

Barlow tells Britain's The Sun newspaper, "Mark was the most unhealthy out of all of us to start with."

Owen adds, "That's true. That's why we've got a brilliant chef with us this time. He's making us really healthy food and has done for three weeks during rehearsals. I'm actually loving it because I feel so much healthier and my body is much better as well. We weren't sure how we'd move to these songs. Initially we thought we might not do any dancing. But it's in our blood, we like to move and express ourselves. And I like that it makes me fitter. I've given up my coffee. But I still sneak a bit of chocolate now and again when nobody's looking, I have to."

Following a tour of the U.K. and Ireland, Take That will play their final date in Manchester, England next month (May15).