Take That became a four-piece in 1995 when Williams exited at the height of the band's fame, throwing fans into mourning and leaving the pop stars to continue without him.

The group split a year later and they spent a decade out of the spotlight before reforming and eventually reuniting with Williams.

Their story has been compared to that of One Direction, who are currently reeling from a line-up change after Malik quit last month (Mar15), and many have speculated he will go on to enjoy solo success just like Williams.

The stars of Take That have now offered up advice to the remaining members of One Direction, and singer Mark Owen has urged them to reach out to their friend.

He tells British radio station Key 103, "Hopefully maybe somebody's phoned Zayn and made sure he's all right. One thing that we never did when Rob left us the first time is we never (called)... You kind of get caught up in your world and you forget sometimes."

Gary Barlow concurs, saying, "I think it's sometimes easier for the band because you're brothers, you know, you stand together, and it's always hard for the one that leaves... (But) I'm sure he's got good people around him."

Howard Donald adds, "I think what happened with us is we were going so fast and... we never even got round to discussing the whole thing about it. That's what they need to do... Don't wait 10 years (to talk to Malik) boys."

Take That suffered a line-up change last year (14) when Jason Orange quit, leaving just Owen, Barlow and Donald in the band.